Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Birthday cupcakes...

I LOVE to make cupcakes.  Originally I started out learning how to decorate cakes...but they're big and sometimes my work is uneven. But with cupcakes my hands can still shake and the frosting doesn't look SO bad.  So since it's my husband's birthday I made him cupcakes to take to work.

Remember, this is a blog about being simple?  I use a cake mix for my cupcakes. I've tried making my cupcake batter from scratch but they turn out dry and crumbly.  With a cake mix they are moist and DE-licious...and my husband likes them--that's a big plus!!

I bake them for exactly 15 minutes...just until they are not wet on top. I don't even wait until they are lightly brown...then they're not as moist.

For the frosting I used Wilton's Buttercream. It's so light and creamy and buttery...mmmm!

After frosting (which I piped using Wilton's star tip 1M), I placed them in some simple, present, cupcake wrappers I had found at Walmart during their after-Christmas sale.  And here....

...is the finished product!  Must run now...I'm going to go eat one!


  1. adorable. i'm the worst cupcake maker in the whole country.
    i'm THAT bad.

  2. I am NOT a cupcake maker, but I will surely eat them. Looks like you did a great job! Happy Birthday to Jeff.

  3. Wow, Kari, what a great job! Nothing beats Wilton's Buttercream. I love the way you piped out the frosting - so professional looking. Really cute cupcake wrappers, too. Maybe there's a home-based cupcake business in your future. I'd order some! :)

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