Thursday, January 19, 2012

To Freeze or Not To Freeze...

My friend, Katherine, came over today to spend the afternoon with me and the kids before the ladies meeting tonight at church. Our conversation quickly turned to freezing milk. It's already been mentioned here on this site and I wanted to find out if she had ever heard of this "strange" process that I had never heard of before. Surprise to me she had not only heard of it...SHE does it. Here's her process:
  1. Milk expands when it freezes. Be sure to pour a small amount out before freezing to leave room for expansion. 
  2. Do NOT try to speed up the thawing process by putting the milk container in warm water or   leaving it out on the counter. 
  3. When ready to thaw simply remove from the freezer and place in the refrigerator.
  4. Once the milk is thawed: shake, and serve. 
I've never heard of thawing milk before this blog. Do you freeze milk? If so, do you do anything different? Do tell...I'm thoroughly interested in knowing more!!


  1. Kari, we always bought extra milk to freeze growing up at home with my parents. Your friend is right, don't take any shortcuts when thawing. Be sure to shake it well so all the cream gets mixed throughout. The taste doesn't change from being frozen. It sure is nice to be able to pull some out of the freezer when your running low or out of milk. It beats running out to town any day (when you're also low on time and/or money. ;)

  2. Here's another great tip told to me by a dear friend: When thawing the milk in the refrigerator it would be best to place the container in a bowl to collect any condensation. Your fridge will thank you for not making a mess! :)

  3. I have also frozen milk if I found a killer deal. I don't even bother pouring any out unless it's in a carton. That's why the plastic milk jugs have those little indentations on the side--for expansion. I've never had a problem. I too would recommend a pie pan or something of the sort for condensation in the fridge.

  4. Kari, we freeze milk all the time. I have never opened the jug and poured any out before freezing though. We will also defrost the gallon in a huge bowl of water in the sink overnight.....and sometimes just put it on the cabinet wrapped in a towel. In one year, we might get two gallons that just will not shake up right and be fit to drink. I'm thinking it had nothing to do with the freezing process.....there's just going to be bad gallons of milk once in a while.