Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Learning to Write...

Even as a baby we knew our son was going to be a "high maintenance" child.  Not because he has any handicaps. He's...well, he's all boy.  And if there is nothing to keep him occupied then he will get into something...anything, really, that suits his fancy.  Needless to say he requires much supervision and alternating activity.  Here's where school enters the picture.  Even as a toddler he would watch "My Baby Can Read Videos" and mimic the words printed on the screen.  He hasn't learned to read but I believe that it added to his vocabulary.

So when August came around I put together a list of goals that, according to much research and study, a three-year old should be able to accomplish after attending preschool.  I decorated the guest bedroom, found him a school desk, set up lesson plans, printed off material, and hit the school year runnin'!  We go three days a week from 9:00 am to 9:45 am...usually. Somedays are a little longer while some are shorter.

One of the first things I wanted him to be able to do by the end of the school year was write his name. At the beginning of the school year he would simply trace his name twice.  When I noticed that he had learned over half of the letters in his name from our weekly alphabet letter I took away one time of tracing and added one time of writing.

Mind you now, we've been doing this since the end of August. He's getting pretty good at it. My husband and I even noticed that he's starting to try and write his name on his Sunday School papers.  His tracing skills have improved...most definitely!

This is the best attempt yet! I found this paper on the dining room table. I wonder who's it might be?  If only there were an "a" and an "e".  Well, we have four more months until school is over and by then he should, hopefully, be able to write his entire name. Goal:  semi-accomplished!


  1. That is so awesome. Great encouragement for me, Kari! Good job!

  2. Everybody learns at different rates.......but maybe you should have named him ED or BOB? I found my name hard to spell also.....I think I was in 7th grade before I learned my middle name!

  3. We do call him "Bubba" because sissy couldn't say his nam. She can now, though! "Michael Ray," she says with her little finger out. "Stop it!" Maybe I should have taught him to spell that name? :)

  4. He's doing great, Kari, and such a smart lil man! He'll be adding that "a" and "e" before ya know it. :)