Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Manager's Specials...

You never know you'll find on a quick run into the grocery store. Yesterday I headed into my Kroger to pick up some eggs, bacon, and milk and I ran by the two places where marked-down items would be at.  I was not disappointed.  I found two, four-pound bags of Domino Sugar marked down from $3.09 to $1.59! After scanning through my coupon binder I found two coupons for $.50 off one that expire on 1/31/12 making the final price $1.09 each.

After picking up the bacon and eggs I stopped at the milk cases. The yellow "Manager's Special" stickers caught my eye. Grant it they were on the 1 qt. of whole milk bottles but I did need milk.  Five 1-qt. bottles were marked down to $.69 for $1.19...and they weren't expired! One gallon (4 qts) would cost $3.49 and four, 1-qt. bottles would equal $2.76! I bought five, getting more milk for the money!

Watch out for those "Manager Special" may save big!!


  1. Faith Promise .... You give to God and Others... God gives back to you in so many ways! Love It!!!

  2. Do you freeze milk? It works well for us. I LOVE the Kroger mark-down bins......H.E.B.'s also. Randall's has good meat mark-downs also.

  3. I've heard about freezing milk but right now I don't have any room to do so! Mark-down bins are my favorite...just wish we had a Randall's close enough to shop. They have great I've read! :)

  4. I LOVE to buy groceries and go to all of the stores. I like to look and shop and buy and compare......and of course, eat.