Sunday, January 29, 2012

Twenty and Counting...

The weight scale scares me. It is usually NOT my friend--until recently.  In August my husband and I decided to go on a "Lifestyle Change." No, I didn't say "Diet" although technically that's exactly what it's a change in the way we eat. At that time it was a big change--a low-carb change. It wasn't until I began to count carbs while pregnant with our first child (and on the verge of gestational diabetes) that I realized I had a serious problem--I am a carb-holic! I LOVE carbs--sugar, bread,'s ALL good! Only problem was I was overweight and needed seriously to think about changing what I was eating.

Finally, after five long months, I hit my 20-pound goal last week! Seriously, I've never lost 20 pounds in my life...never needed to. But then I hit thirty.  Yeah, I fell apart physically. Yet as I type this I am now, successfully 20 pounds lighter....and STILL going.  I think 10 more pounds would be good--healthy, even. Yippee for me!!

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