Friday, February 17, 2012

Changing Things Up...

Photographs can really "dress up" the decorations in a house. My favorite artwork are pictures taken by people I know at places I've either visited or wanted to visit.  In my hallways I have hanging two frames with these photos...

One photo is of the outside of the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. and the farthest one away is taken from the entrance of a hallway in a tower somewhere inside the cathedral. I took these photos on my senior trip back in 1998.  I once thought they were good until a former student of mine took these...

This one was taken outside of little cafe in the downtown area of where I grew up and the bottom one is from the railroad tracks on the other side of the cafe...also in the downtown--historic downtown--area. And when I say "historic" I mean "dating back to the Civil War" historic.

I love these photos. *sigh* They bring back wonderful memories of the street festival held every year in October...the smell of hot funnel cakes smothered in powdered sugar...of buying friendship bracelets from a vendor and wearing them until the string wore out.  Oh, can't forget about the beautiful fall foliage and crisp cool air.

So using the Walgreens 8x10 sale I posted about earlier I update the photos from the National Cathedral to these wonderful reminders of my childhood. And when I miss my family I can step up to the photos and let my mind wander back to those cool autumn days of my childhood.

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