Thursday, February 23, 2012

Go Ahead--Make Their Day...

Did you know that on the back of every product you use there is a 1-800 number that you can call to leave feedback? It doesn't necessarily have to be how bad the product can call and leave positive feedback too.  In fact a dear friend of mine had a product work so well she called that little number on the back to tell them how pleased she was. And just for taking the time to call she was rewarded with a coupon to get that product for FREE!

There have been two times I can recall that I called the company's number and they were both for negative feedback. One was for a Glad French Vanilla candle I had purchased that had no fragrance when lit. The second was for Old El Paso taco shells that were broken in pieces. In both cases I was compensated with FREE coupons to replace the defective product.

Now after reading the e-mail from my friend I am inspired to call the companies of my favorite things to leave POSITIVE feedback.  If anything I can let them know that at least one consumer is happy with their product...and we'll see if any FREE coupons come my way!

Have any of you ever called?  Please share your story...

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