Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Meat & Potatoes Girl....

That's me--give me a deliciously seasoned steak with a loaded baked potato and I am one happy girl.  Since it's the start of the weekend I like to buy meat that my husband can cook on the grill...after all his food from off the grill is out of this world!

Now we really don't have steak that often...they are rather expensive...but I noticed as I was doing my post on the Kroger ad this week that a value pack of Ribeye steaks was on sale for $3.99/lb.  Nice sale considering one pack usually is over $20. I thought I'd stop by the Kroger to see if they had any decent prices on those packages...and I was not disappointed:

Yes, I saved more than I spent and it was well worth the little splurge. All of this was with my husband's blessing, of course.  And these babies weren't on the skinny side either...

Sorry there aren't any pictures taken when they came off the grill. We were too busy diggin' in. Happy early Valentine's Day to us!!

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