Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mmm, Definitely a Favorite...

I absolutely LOVE coffee. It was a love that began the summer after I graduated from high school when I took a three-week missions trip to visit my best friend and her family in Brazil. They don't just drink coffee...they drink this potent black liquid in a little cup, sure to make your hair stand on end.  After three weeks of drinking that every day I was hooked.  My favorite time of drinking Brazilian coffee was when we added the coffee to 3/4 glass of fresh cows milk (and I do mean had just been milked from the cow!). Sounds a little like Starbucks, doesn't it...ok, minus the fresh cows milk. They do add steamed milk and the milk from the cow was steaming!

Starbucks is reserved for special treats--like park day! No, seriously, it was cold and windy (surprising since we've had 70 degree weather lately) and I wasn't wearing a coat.  Plus, I had one of their gift cards in my purse and it began calling to me as I pulled into the dry cleaners...Starbucks is right in front.  It was the last stop before heading to the park and I thought, Why not? was definitely good to the last 1/4 of the cup.  I always get an extra pump in my White Chocolate Mocha and it never fails...the sweet stuff stays on the bottom.  By the time I'm almost done not only am I completely caffeinated I'm bouncing off the walls.

It's definitely a favorite!!

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