Thursday, February 16, 2012

Park Day...

There's nothing like taking the kids to the park. We soak up the sun... some exploring...

...and play in the sand.

Oh yes, one of my favorite photos from the day...

Notice the sticker? The postal worker gave them both "stickers" during our visit there that morning.  If anyone wants a three-year old I can ship him Priority Mail (I'm sorry, but insruance will be rather expensive)...

And during all of this play time, Mommy's doing some fun of her own..

I was a little behind.

Is that a Thirty-one bag up the top left-hand corner of the photo?  Go to and check out the cinch sack on p. 40 in the Flutter pattern. Only $20..and the perfect carry-all for an hour at the park!


  1. Has Michael lost a tooth already?! I would love to take the girls to the park today--they are both completely stir crazy. Already had a little cry. :) Enjoy that gorgeous weather for me!

  2. He has *sniff* and it was a year ago. We were at a kids fun place called "Jumpin' Jungle". He came down the slide and a kid came down right after him. The kid's head collided into Michael's mouth and knocked out the tooth. He screamed...I cried....I don't even remember what he looked like with two teeth in the front. *sigh* :)

  3. Oh, that's awful! That must have been a traumatic day. If it's any consolation, he looks really cute though, like a darling little first grader who is so pumped about losing those baby teeth.

  4. When it first happened I didn't even know his tooth had come out. A mother had found it at the bottom of the slide and brought it over to where I was trying to get the bleeding to stop in his mouth. I though his lip was what was bleeding. It wasn't until I saw the little tooth in her hand that it was a missing tooth that was causing all the bleeding. After the bleeding was stopped he went back to playing.The mom who brought the tooth over had been a dental hygienist and she was explaining what I would need to do. When she was done I just looked at her and said, "All I want to do is cry." She patted my shoulder sympathetically and smiled. Thankfully the permanent tooth is fine and entire tooth, root and all, came out and wasn't broken up in the gum.