Saturday, February 4, 2012

Planting Flowers...

In Preschool we've been learning an action rhyme that deals with seeds:

I start as a seed so small and round. (Curl up in a ball on your knees)
I spread out my roots beneath the ground. (Stretch both arms out to the side)
I bend my knees and stretch just so (Stand up on your knees)
To show you how a tree can grow. (Keep your arms outstretched)
I grow so tall so very high (Stand up on your feet & stretch both hands to the sky)
My fingers are leaves that touch the sky. (Wiggle your fingers over your head)

Well, since it's been such unusually warm weather down here on the Gulf I've been doing some re-planting...some of my precious plants are barely alive thanks to last summer's drought. (Good news--we are no longer in the "Exceptional" drought zone...just the "Severe"--we have had a great deal of rain recently!)

Michael, being the mechanically-minded child that he is, has shown much interest in "helping" me. So to encourage his interest I bought some Zinnia seeds from Dollar General and we planted them last night...

First he took the seeds in hand:

Then he pushed them down into the dirt (with a little help from Mommy...he was planting three seeds in one hole!):

Next we added a tiny bit more soil to cover the seeds and he patted it down...

He added a little water to help those little seeds to get a drink...or a drowning, might be a better way to say it...

Needless to say, Michael was quite pleased with his work. Now to see if they'll actually sprout...

...we'll keep you posted!

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