Friday, February 3, 2012

The Ups and Downs of Couponing...

Yesterday was "Deal Hunting" Thursday. My kids and I (and my ever-present coupon binder) made three stops. The savings were good and the coupons used were many. In fact I'd say getting $150 worth of groceries for $60 is EXTREMELY good.  My items included:
  • Blue Diamond Almonds (on sale at Walgreens--2/$4. Bought four cans, used three $1/1 from last Sunday's paper and paid $5. Saved over $10!)
  • Two packages of four hamburger patties--reduced from $4.49 to $2.49.
  • One package of NICE pork chops for $3--reduced from $5.
  • One family package of drumsticks for $4--reduced from $ pair along with one package of thighs for $3--reduced from $5.
  • Vitamins (Flinstones and One A Day Vitacraves)--spent $6.97 out of pocket but received a $5 Target gift card really only $1.97 for all three!!
  • Two frozen (steam-in-a-bag) corn and two peas for $.60 a bag--after $1.00 Target coupon
  • Coffee
  • Bread
  • One bag of 12 Frigo Brand Cheese Sticks--$2.94 after $.55/1 coupon
There are a few things that for sake of time I did not mention...but I did make money on them. That means the amount of the coupon was great than the price of the item.  AWESOME--I love couponing...*sigh*

But as always there are UPs and DOWNSs a couponer has to deal with.

Here's an UP--(Don't know why the pictures a little fuzzy)

...finding an end-cap of Downy Unstoppables on clearance from $6.99 to $4.88. Ah, yes, there was a $2.00 coupon in the 1/01/12 P&G. I've been wanting to try these but would NOT pay over $3 for fabric softener. 

Here you go....

...just a close-up to let you know I was telling the truth.

And with an UP comes a DOWN--

Remember those $1/1 Up & Up Paper Towels? The shelf was bare last week. Guess what? Nothin's changed.  Hope they re-stock the shelves before my coupons expire. Who wouldn't like FREE paper towels--obviously everyone in Galveston County who was lucky enough to find some! (Is it shocking I took a picture of an empty shelf? Must be the blogger in me...)

To me the UPs far outweigh the DOWNs. It's better to spend the time hunting for deals than to not have to spend more money on the products I love! 

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