Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Coupon Lingo Part 2...

This post is a continuation of another post..."after the party of the first part"...Ha! That sounded funny.

I make no bones about the fact that I am a couponer. I thoroughly enjoy saving money...Er, stretching our family's money to it's maximum potential. This all came about when my son was eight was months old. I found out I was expecting Melody and my husband's work hours were cut from 40 to 36 hours a week. That really puts a dent in a paycheck.

So there we were...about to be a family of four, doctor/hospital bills adding into the budget, and the paychecks were smaller. I look back now and think, How in the world did we every survive?

It was only the Lord taking care of His the end of the year Melody was completely paid for, I had a nice little stockpile of things we like, we still had a little money in the bank, and our income tax return was ENORMOUS!! It was a good year!

With that said I did a ton of reading on other blogs to figure out how saving money worked. One thing I have to know the lingo.

Don't forget to read through Coupon Lingo Part One for more goodies and tips!!
  • INSERT:  coupons found in the Sunday paper. There are 4 distributors of these as listed below:
    • GM--General Mills
    • PG--Proctor and Gamble
    • RP--Red Plum
    • SS--Smartsource
      • When you see a listing for an insert coupon it will look something like this "12-31 RP". This means it was in the Red Plum insert on Dec. 31st.
  • PEELIE:  coupons found on actual products that you peel off.
  • IP:  internet printed coupons
  • MC/MANQ/MFG (I like to use MQ's but you may see any of the other three abbreviations on other blogs:  manufacturer coupons
  • TEARPAD:  coupons found on displays at stores
  • TQ:  Target store coupon
  • TMF: try me free rebate
  • MIR:  mail-in-rebate
  • UPC:  bar code that is scanned at the register (these need to be included with a mail-in-rebate)
  • OOP:  out of pocket
  • OYNSO: on your next shopping order
  • MM: money maker
(Thank you, Katy Couponers, for the coupon class where these terms were explained!)

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