Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gold n' Plump Coupon...

Gold n' Plump is a brand of chicken that my local Target sells. Every once in a while I'll go in soon after Target has opened and peruse through their meat department looking for any mark downs.  You can tell a mark down by a red, rectangular sticker on the front of the package with a dollar amount off in white. It is not uncommon to find the Gold n' Plump brand marked $2 off because it's near expiration date. Then use a coupon HERE for $1.00 off and you have yourself a very good deal on chicken.

One thing to note: I've made a habit of smelling the package before I put it in my cart. I've never had this happen at Target but I have had it happen at Kroger and HEB--I get home, take all my grocery bags in and wonder where in the world this odor is coming from. It's the chicken and it's bad. Usually if the meat is near the expiration date and you get it into the freezer right when you get home you shouldn't have any problems.

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