Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Choose--BACON...

Ahhhh...wonderful bacon! I loved the smell and sound of bacon as it cooks on the stove. I'm so thankful that the diet ...ahem--"life-style change" my husband and I have been on includes being able to eat bacon. Thankfully this change allows for lots of meat, and eggs, and almonds, and eggs, and cheese, and eggs...lots and lots of eggs. I've figured out that each week I must buy at least three dozen eggs or drive myself crazy running to the store for more.

So that leads me to a very perplexing problem I have--the cost of bacon. I'm still a "Couponer--Deal Finder in Training" and am still learning much about saving on my grocery bill. Would it be better to buy bacon in bulk (like at Sam's Club--around $10 for I can't remember how many oz.) to last me longer or buy bacon at the grocery store (usually around $2.50 for a week's worth for 12 oz.--two slices a day)? Do any of you buy bacon in bulk? What would you suggest?

I'm open for any suggestions and appreciate any advice you can give! Thanks so much!!

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