Saturday, March 3, 2012

Is It Spring Already?

It has been so warm lately...and humid. I was actually sweating while my husband and I pulled weeds out of our backyard Friday evening. It's only March and it already feels like we are going into June. I have to admit my mind was actually elsewhere during that weed-pulling session...several hundred miles northeast to where my family lives in northern Alabama. Last April they lived through three different tornados in one day. Today they went through two of which looked like this:

Thankfully, their home and church suffered no damage but we're all left wondering if this is any indication as to what's in store for this Spring season...


  1. My home was Central Kansas before moving to Texas. I don't remember Kansas having this many tornadoes.......the land of Dorothy and Toto. Everybody either had a basement or a cellar....not so in Texas I discovered.

  2. We prayed for your family and friends in Alabama the other day after you sent the text to Michele. Glad they are all safe and sound. Tell your husband I said "howdy".

  3. Thank you so much for your prayers! It is such a great comfort to have dear friends we can rely on to pray!