Friday, March 2, 2012

It's One of Those Days....

Actually it's been one of those weeks! On Tuesday I took my son to the doctor for fear his red, swollen, splotchy throat was strep. Thankfully it was negative but with the onset of congestion also brings a high risk of an asthma attack.

Oh no, I'm having flashbacks to rushing to the emergency room at 3 am and being commanded by the night nurse to take my son IMMEDIATELY to one of the ER cubicles. What followed was a three day stay in the Pediatric Intensive Care...and finally, FINALLY, after three months of running to Urgent Care every other week to get Michael's breathing under control, getting a diagnosis and daily treatment for asthma. 

In the last few days we've gone from breathing treatments every four hours to every two...which usually means we are headed to having to call his Pulmonary Specialist. But thankfully, though still congested, his breathing is beginning to even out. Now my youngest is congested...

Oh, what a vicious cycle this is.

So if I seem as though my posts are few I am a tad distracted...and once my household is well I'll be back to normal....ok, semi-normal.

I still thank you for taking the time to stop in and look around.

K-Smith over and out...

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