Saturday, March 10, 2012

Printable Grocery List...

I once sat down and typed up a list of items that I needed every week for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks. It was a few pages long and after reading over it I saw that it lacked areas for cooking staples and dinner items. YUCK! So much for trying to be organized.

Never fear--I have found a site where they have not just ONE grocery list but SEVERAL different types of grocery lists...depending on what types of food your family eats.  Here's a rundown of theses lists that I found at

  • Master Grocery List
  • Low Carb Grocery List
  • Grocery List with Extra Space
  • Basic Grocery List
  • Diabetic Food Grocery List
  • Healthy Foods Grocery List
  • Pantry Grocery List
  • 2-Column Grocery List
  • Grocery List with Categories
  • Menu and Shopping Planner
Check it out and see if there is a list there, maybe even two lists, that might help you become a better organized grocery shopper!

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