Sunday, March 11, 2012

Target Sample Spot...

UPDATE: If you've specifically gone to Target to buy beauty products in order to get a code I'm so sorry if you came away empty handed. According to Target's facebook page on these beauty bags they mention that a code prints at random...don't you just love it?  There's no specific products or products that trigger the code. If you'd like to read comments from other people Hip2Save and Totally Target have had much discussion on this topic. Sorry! :(

Have I mentioned I LOVE shopping at Target?  Who wouldn't love stacking TWO coupons on to one product for a cheap price? I bought Huggies Pull-Ups for $5 a pack after stacking a $2 Target Coupon with a $2 Manufacturer Coupon. Now I'm set for a month with both kids.

Every once in a while Target will offer samples of different products on their website.  Right now you can go to their sample spot HERE, scroll down to "Grocery" and request a sample of Gevalia coffee. I've never tried this but I did request a sample. Who knows...I may like it!

Here's another sample listed at Target's sample spot.  Last spring I requested their spring beauty bag and was so happy to see that it is back again! Now through March 31st with eligible purchases you will receive a code via your receipt. Then go HERE to submit that code. In a few weeks your beauty bag will arrive with COUPONS and goodies from Nivea, Nexxus, Pantene, L'Oreal, Neutrogena, Simple, and more.


  1. Hi Kari!
    I requested the coffee sample and had no problems but when I requested the beauty bag sample, it said I need a code. I was just at Target and bought several items in the beauty dept and there was no code. HELP!?!?!?!?!?

  2. Great question...Target wasn't too clear about it either. So I did some research on it and will post an update above. Thank you for asking! :)