Friday, April 13, 2012

From Texas to Alabama with Love...

Flying has to be the best way to travel...E-V-E-R! If I had enough money I'd be flying at least once a month.

So during my hour-and-a-half flight yesterday from Houston to Huntsville I took lots of pictures out my window. I think the couple behind me thought I was crazy. Silly thing was I almost turned around to say, "I'm a blogger. I take pictures of EVERYTHING."

Crazy Blog Lady--that's who I've turned out to be.

Anyways, back to my pictures...

"Good-bye, Houston"
It was clear for a brief second before we headed above the clouds...
It looks like you could just walk right on out there. Deceiving, that's what it is...but beautiful, nonetheless!

Ahhh...welcome to where I'm from. Hello, it's the Tennessee River!
And we flew right over the church. Sorry, the plane was banking at the time and when we leveled out all you could see was a white square in the center of the photo...the one with the cirular the middle of the big field completely surrounded by subdivisions. Never mind. It's the church--I promise!
This is how my weekend has started off and I can't wait to share more photos with you. It's going to be a fantastic weekend!!