Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kroger Closeouts in Stationary...

Before all craziness broke yesterday here in Southeast Texas I was making a mad dash through Kroger to pick up the rest of my groceries.  I was hurrying to make it to the car before the wind AND the rain broke lose....and my umbrella was tucked snuggly between the kids car seats--in the car! Smart...very smart!

Some closeouts I did come across while dashing through the store (suddenly I hear sleigh bells...) earned me the "Best Mommy Award" with my son.

So maybe he wasn't thrilled about the writable CD's but the paints? He had been begging for paint for months. I, on the other hand, have been trying to hold off the inevitable.

Here is a rundown of these fabulous closeouts:
  • Three Crayola Glitter Washable Paint--$.57 each (Regular $2.29!)
  • Three Crayola Pearl Washable Paint--$.57 each (Regular $2.29!)
  • Elmer's Glitter Gel Sticks 5-Pack--$.72 (Regular $2.89!)
  • Memorex CD-R 10-Pack--$2.75 (Regular $10.99!)
The cashier asked if I was getting ready to do some arts and crafts with the paint and glitter. I just explained they were on closeout....and I have a three-year-old. What he doesn't use I can give away as gifts! More than likely he will use them all.

Now for some other closeouts that I noted:
  • Top Flight Multi-Color Index Cards--$.62 (Regular $2.49!)
  • Avory Greeting Cards Creative Pack--$2.95 (Regular $11.79!)
  • 3m Post-It Flag Dispenser--$.92 (Regular $3.69!)
Remember that closeouts are nationwide so even if these items at your store are not noted as being on closeout, have a cashier scan for a price check. Happy Deal Hunting!

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