Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lactose Free Yogurt from Yoplait...

Look what I found at my Kroger store today...
Since we discovered that regular yogurt/milk products and my son do not agree I've been a little sad that there was really no yogurt out there for him to eat. Until today...

I happened upon these yogurts by chance while looking for Lactaid brand yogurt. I had a coupon but had never seen it actually on the shelf. So after asking a worker if this Kroger carried that brand he pointed me to Yoplait...Yippee!! Lactose free!!

Yoplait yogurt is currently on sale 10 for $6 and here are some coupons you can use from the coupon database at Deal Seeking Mom:
  • $.40/6 from (exp. 5/14/12) (Download to Kroger card after setting up an account)
  • $.40/6 from (exp. 4/30/12) (Download to Kroger card after setting up an account)
  • $.40/6 from 3/11/12 SS Regional (exp. 5/5/12)
  • $.50/8 from 3/11/12 SS Regional (exp. 5/15/12)
I bought some for my son to try and to see if he has any reaction from eating it. He was certainly thrilled to be eating yogurt again. It's a favorite!

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