Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Arrival of P&G Brand Sampler...

Guess what? I got a package in the mail today, full of samples I ordered from P&G Brand Sampler that I posted about earlier. This is it with all of my little goodies....
AND it included the coupon booklet filled with the following coupons:
  • $1/1 Cascade ActionPacs Coupon
  • $1/1 Charmin
  • $1/1 Charmin Fresh Mates Tub
  • $5/1 Olay Professional Pro-X Facial Moisturizer
  • $1/1 Duracell
  • $2/1 Vicks Product
  • $1/1 Gain Detergent or Fabric Enhancer
  • $2/1 Swiffer Dusters
If you like using products made by Proctor and Gamble (P&G) (things like Pantene, Gillette, Oral-B, Pampers, Head & Shoulders, Duracel, Always, Pringles, Tide, Downey, Charmin, Bounty, Dawn, Old Spice, Venus, Swiffer, Olay, Herbal Essence) and you haven't request your samples/coupons yet then you will definitely want to head on over to the P&G Brand Sampler website. (Was that the longest sentence E-V-E-R?)Remember, quarterly you can log-in to your account and request samples and coupons from some of their products.

Have you gotten your package yet?

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