Monday, May 28, 2012

In Memorial...

Happy Memorial Day! Even though my husband was still called away to work we are now in preparation for our  "All-American Dinner" once he returns. In fact everything the kids and I have done today has been "All-American". We had cereal for breakfast, pizza for lunch and then we had a lesson on how to eat Oreos. Very, very American. Especially when they're the new American Creme Oreos.

So here's how to correctly eat an Oreo as demonstrated pictorially below:

First, take a cookie.
Secondly, carefully twist one side of the cookie off leaving all creme on one side.    

Thirdly, eat the unadorned cookie.
He laughed so hard I thought he'd choke.

Fourth, lick all the creme off and enjoy every last crumb of the Oreo.
And enjoy every last one of the Oreos we did. There's only one left and I'm trying to decide whether to cut it in half for the kids or wait until they go to bed before I eat it myself.

Now for the last hour I've been making a very decidedly American dessert.... pie, of course! And doing some rather un-American things, like: drink a Brazilian soda and listen to Spanish and Italian Opera. ( favorite!!)

Did I happen to mention I'm passionately American, too? Over the past few months I've been slowly sharing a bit about myself: who I am, what I like to do, things I'm passionate about. Last Friday I revealed that while I was single I was passionate about politics. I still am although I'll spare you my mental running commentary on all things political. That's not what this blog is about.

I almost ran for a local political office one year when I still lived in Alabama. No joke. I think I would have liked it. Maybe. Politics can be a dirty business. I'm pretty sure my mouth would have gotten me into trouble.

Instead Jeff came into my life. Former Navy (*sigh* a guy in uniform), talk, dark AND handsome. And now that we have added two more little Americans to the census it's my job to teach them to be passionate about America as well. Passionate about our Christian heritage; about the courageous and dedicated men and women who throughout the 230+ years have given up everything to protect our precious freedom, dwindling as it is; and about those who continue to be ever vigilant, ever watching, ever protecting. It is for this reason we celebrate Memorial Day with our All-American dinner. 

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