Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thirty-One Double Zip Cosmetic Bag...

I love getting packages...especially when they have new Thirty-One products inside. This is my brand new bag that came by FedEx last week:
Hello, little Double Zip Cosmetic Bag in Black Parisian Pop (my favorite print). Ahh...how adorable you look. How absolutely, organizingly functional you are inside...
...with your three removable, clear zippered pouches.
But your organization doesn't stop there. You multi-task--like me...
You have a padded inside pocket, just the right size for my iPad...or any other tablet, for that matter; while at the same time you can carry my Bible, notepad, and pens...
....all zipped up into a nice little package.

Oh, yes, I can't forget about your shoulder strap...nor the new clear-coated canvas that makes keeping you clean a breeze.

Just one more look, please...
What functionality, what organization, what dual purpose, what an affordable price of $25 for anyone who hosts a party.

You, Double Zipper Cosmetic Bag, are truly a must-have!

This bag is a Hostess Exclusive item for the great price of only $25! If you'd like to earn one of these please contact me about hosting a party, either online or in-house. This would be a great way to earn FREE products with hostess credit.  Simply contact me at My Thirty One/Kari Smith to get you set up to earn great products from Thirty-One....and check out this months exclusive offer of the All-in-One Organizer for $5 (regular $20) when you spend $31!!

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