Monday, June 18, 2012

Home Again, Home Again...

Wow! I feel like I've been gone a long time...and yet it's only been a week. You can imagine the state of my mind right now. Saturday, June 9th, my family and I flew to California for Leadership Conference at Lancaster Baptist Church. I love traveling with my kids. Their excitement over the little things is certainly contagious!!
Leadership Conference was always. The whole spirit of the conference was such an encouragement as we heard godly music and Spirit-filled preaching.
We flew back in to Houston the following Thursday evening and after saying good-bye to our babies before leaving them with our dear friends, my husband and I came home only to leave early Friday morning for Dallas.
I've always loved Six Flags, always wanted to go on a date to Six Flags, but never had....until this last weekend. LOVED IT!! I laughed, cried, panicked, screamed, congratulated myself, high-fived a stranger--and that was just the first ride! Ok, so it was the second ride. The first ride I just screamed. It was the free-fall Superman that made me do everything else.
Yeah, this was the ride. I almost chickened out because I am deathly afraid of free-falling. I'm still alive so it must not be all that bad. I'm still patting myself on the back for not clawing my way over the attendant guarding the exit before we buckled in. It was Awe-Some!!

I downloaded over 200 pictures from my camera just of this last week. So along with getting my house in order and keeping our life moving ahead at a neck-breaking speed I'm so excited to share with you our wonderful adventures galavanting about this great country of ours. It will probably take the whole week but I promise to fill you in.

And as always thank you for stopping in to follow along!

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