Friday, June 22, 2012

Thirty-One Large Utility Tote...

Of all my Thirty-One bags I love my Large Utility Tote the best...I think. I don't know, though. All my bags have a special place in my heart and get used so very, very much! This Tote, though, is perfect for carrying the bigger loads than just my Organizing Utility Tote I use for church or my Cindy Tote (well, I use it for church, too. I'll post more about this bag later). So here's my Large Utility Tote (Pink circle spirals scarf optional for $20 on p. 42 of the online catalog)...
Normally when I do my grocery shopping I use re-usable grocery bags but I do like to keep a stash of plastic bags to line all my trash cans in my house. So when my stash is running low I simply take my Large Utility Tote with my to pile all my grocery bags in. It saves me several trips to and from the car as well as all these plastic bags of groceries rolling around the back of my car!

My friend uses hers to carry all her Sunday School material to church. She can carry all her papers, lesson, treats, utensils, crafts, ect. all in one place! Awesome!

Of course you could probably think of many more uses but I just discovered a GREAT use for this tote about two months ago when I traveled to Alabama and my kids stayed with some dear friends: I used the Large Utility Tote as a suitcase for my kids gear. It fit everything!  With that in mind I used it again when my husband and I spent the night near Dallas on our trip to Six Flags...
Can you tell the new Top-A-Tote comes in handy? It's only $10 and available in black, grey, or brown!!

Now here's the kicker: for the month of June you can get this tote for just $10 when you spend $35! That's a savings of $25!!  If you'd like to take advantage of this fabulous deal then click HERE to be re-directed to my site to place your oder and have it shipped directly to you! You can find an online catalog HERE to look for items to reach the $35 minimum needed for this deal. I will close this order on June 29th at 9 pm. You can also have the option to leave me a comment below with your order and I will process it for you.

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