Monday, July 2, 2012

Cinch-It-Up Thermal Tote...

Since the Thirty-One Cinch-It-Up Thermal Tote is one of the five items on sale this month for $5 for every $31 that you spend, I wanted to re-post a write-up that I did about this  fabulous tote from May 7th! It is originally $24 so getting it for $5 is a steal!! You will not want to miss out on this customer special. Check out this fabulous tote below!


I tested one of my Thirty-One bags today on our field trip to Jumpn' Jungle: the Cinch-It-Up Thermal Tote. On a scale of 1-10 this would rate a's that good. Here--let me show you...
This is it in Black Paisley Parade. It also comes in six other color: Aqua Circle Spirals, Black Happy Dot, Circle Spirals, Leopard Floral, Lotsa Dots, and (the newest print) Minty Chip. Look for it on page 37 of the online catalog.

One of it's features is that it has a silver thermal liner to keep what you put inside it warm (if you are carrying something warm) or cold (if you desire coldness).
Don't be fooled into thinking this tote is small.  The expandable top and rectangular base allows it to hold lots of items...
It even has durable straps making it easy for you to carry...and, of course, it's stylish. No one would ever know you were carrying snacks and/or drinks inside...
Now here's the kicker. I opted out of carrying a small back-pack with wipes and necessities for my youngest and decided to put it all together in this little tote. So this is everything I carried in this ONE bag...'s a lot of stuff. Necessary stuff--AND it all fit! Amazing!! In fact it's advertised on p. 37 as being able to fit pool snacks for a family of four with no problem!
One tidy, stylish tote, originally $24, is just $5 when you spend $31 in the month of July! Order yours today by clicking HERE and choosing the "Shop Now" link to begin.

Oh, this is definitely going on my favorite list!


  1. That tote is exactly what we need for tomorrow! We're going to Herman? Park in Houston and taking our lawn chairs.....and toting our own drinks. I'd like one that is blue with red the husband wouldn't mind carrying it!

  2. I know!! They have a new pattern called "Chains Ahoy" that's navy blue and white but this tote doesn't come in that design. Have fun at Herman Park. Our town is having a parade in the morning, we'll be grilling out in the afternoon, and then after church heading over to the seawall for the fireworks show. I put my flags out this afternoon and am so in the holiday mood!! Happy Independence Day (Eve)! :)