Monday, July 16, 2012

Tips for Shopping with a Kids...

I try not to take my children grocery shopping with me but sometimes, like when my husband was working 7 days a week/12 hour days, I really have no choice. I have to say I look comical trying to carry my reusable shopping bags, purse, and coupon notebook, while trying to hold onto two small hands. My Mom recently sent me an article from Get Organized Now dated July 3rd with some tips that one Mom uses when she takes her toddler shopping. I found these helpful and will remember them the next time my kiddies tag along.  Here are the tips:

Organized Grocery Shopping with Kids

As a stay-at-home mom to a toddler (and joint-shopper-in- chief for a combined household of 6), here are some organized grocery shopping tips I haven't seen other readers mention:

I take my son grocery shopping with me, but we stop at the neighborhood park first. He gets to run around and get his 'wiggles' out, and is much more willing to sit still in a cart afterwards.

Find out if your grocery store's bakery section does 'freebies.' For my two year old, a cookie towards the end of the trip is a wonderful surprise, but for older 'little ones,' it can be a promised reward if they conduct themselves well while you shop.

If your grocery store has stickers for bulkier items (often with the store logo or a simple thank-you message), these can be another great 'reward' for your little one when you get to check out.

Have a small tote bag that your little one's can be responsible for when groceries get bagged. Store clerks are often willing to put a couple of cans of soup or a box of cereal in there so small arms can carry something and feel useful without damaging the contents. When he was two years old, my little one was so proud to drag his bag--with a can of corn and a head of celery--up the driveway to 'help' me.

--Lisa Dorr-Pozos

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