Thursday, October 4, 2012

Save $5 on Cinderella...

Confession time: my favorite cartoon (tied with "Tangled") is "Cinderella". (A dream is a wish your heart makes...) It's ok--you can sing right along with me.  (So this is Love. Mm-mm-mm-mm. So this is Love. So this is what makes life divine...) And yes, I sang that song at the top of my the shower...when I fell in love. *sigh*

Well, now Cinderella is out in the new Diamond Edition which includes Blue-Ray, DVD, and Digital Copy. You can print a $5 off coupon by simply going HERE and join me in singing right along with those adorable mice: Cinderelli, Cinderelli, night and day it's Cinderelli...wash the dishes, do the mopping...they always keep her hopping.

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