Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday Shopping 2012...

If you are interested in looking through the Black Friday ads then I've got the site for you. Thanks to STL Mommy for putting together a post with links to the stores' ads and when their deals start. The following is a list of some the stores pertinent for my area but if you would like to check out what other stores she has listed then check out the whole post HERE:
  • Amazon
  • CVS (Sale begins Thanksgiving morning--8 am for those of us here in Texas City)
  • Dollar General (Store opens 7 am Thanksgiving)
  • Target (Sale starts 9 pm Thanksgiving)
  • Walgreens (Doors open Black Friday at 7 am)
  • Walmart (Event 1--8 pm Thanksgiving; Event 2--10 pm Thanksgiving)
Will you be hitting the stores on Thanksgiving? I haven't decided yet if I'm ready to become on of those deal-crazed shoppers...

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