Thursday, November 8, 2012

Walmart's Black Friday Ad...

I really am losing my mind but I have this great desire to go to Walmart after Thanksgiving dinner and do some Black Friday shopping! Crazy, right? Good thing is Walmart has released their Black Friday ad already and you can go HERE to view this forty-five page monstrosity! They have the LeapPad 1 Explorer for a Special Buy of $65 as well as the LeapPad Leapster 2 for only $20! Games like Candyland will be on special buy for $3.88! What about the OttLite Portable 13W Craft Caddy Lamp for only $24.97? I've only made it to page 15 of the 45 and am going to have to go back and look at it all again. The great thing is you can go through and click on items to make your own personal shopping list. This year they're starting even earlier with their Black Friday event: 8 pm Thanksgiving night, with Event Two starting at 10 pm! Oh, I'll be there! Packed in with all the other wonderfully crazy shoppers!

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