Monday, January 28, 2013

Publix Shopping Trip 1/28...

Hello there! Miss me? I have been a teensy busy since my last post over a week ago. Within twelve days we packed our house and moved three states east. And let me tell's definitely been an adventure. I'll save all the juicy details for a later post.

So while there are a lot of changes with a move, one of those changes has been in the area of shopping. There are no HEB's or Food King's where we live now but there is a Publix. Publix is known for being "coupon friendly" ear automatically tuned into that statement, being the avid couponer that I am. Their policy includes taking competitor coupons as well as doubling up to $.50! How I've missed the double coupons. Yippee!

Today I took my first coupon trip to participate in a few of the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE deals going on until January 29th at the Publix on County Line Road in...Madison? or is it Limestone County?'s on the county line. Ha!

I'm super excited to share with you how my trip went. Here goes:
Ta Da!! All of this for $25.00 with a grand savings of....drum roll...$36.77!!

Let me give you a breakdown on these sale items:
  • 2 Cherry Coke Zero at $5.29 each ($10.58 total) get Coke Zero FREE!!
  • 4 Toaster Streudel B1G1 FREE--$3.90 total
    • Minus (2) $.50/2 Boxes Peelies (right on the box in the freezer) which double to $1.00 for a total of $2.00 off!
  • 4 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks B1G1 FREE--$5.70 total
  • 4 cans of Rotel B1G1 FREE--$2.38 total
    • Minus (2) $.40/2 from 1/20/13 SS (exp. 3/3/13), each double for total of $1.60 off!
    • That's $.78 for 4 cans!
  • Velveeta 1 lb. boxes B1G1 FREE--$4.39 total
    • Minus (2) $.55/1 from 1/20/13 SS (exp. 2/23/13)
    • Two boxes for $3.29!!
  • Pepperidge Farm Goldfish B1G1 FREE--$2.39 total
    • That's $1.20 a bag which is GREAT since there's no coupon available!
At checkout I used a $5/$20 or more coupon that came in my change of address packet from the post office. How nice was that?

If you find any other hidden gems please leave a comment to let me know! Happy Shopping!

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