Monday, May 6, 2013

My Old Wedding Dress...

My husband surprised me with my birthday present...two weeks early. Actually I really didn't mind, after all I had been wanting to have one for such a long time. Now, I'm afraid, you are truly in for some picture overload.

Yes, My Dear Hubby bought me a new Canon digital camera. You know, the one that you can change all the settings, adjust your ISO/shutter speed, etc. Kind of like one a photographer would enjoy using.

Well, I LOVE taking pictures but  what I really wanted to be able to do was take better pictures, especially now that the kids are getting school age. I mean Kindergarten is right around the corner and before we know it, our oldest will be going to school with someone other than Mommy.


So the last couple of days I've been snapping away in preparation for a small project that I really wanted to try with my daughter. I saw on Pinterest a few months ago an idea to take a picture of your daughter in your wedding dress and then frame and display it on her wedding day.

Today seemed as good a day as any to try this idea out. It's raining and for once my children are housebound. Why not make it fun, right?

Remember this....
Well, I went to storage and dug out my dress for a little photo shoot in "Mommy's Princess Dress", as Melody calls it.

My little girl...
She was good for about five minutes...
...but the dress got "too scratchy"...
and then Brother found us...

One day I'll be taking another photo like this one...when it's her wedding day....and she's thirty.

Even though these pictures are not the greatest quality they are some of the most precious photos I have. If you'd like to see more from our shoot click HERE for our family site, Just the Three of Us.

Happy (rainy, for those of us here in Dixie) Monday!

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  1. LOVE the first one. That simple lighting coupled with Melody's slight smile makes such a classic photo. What a beautiful photo to have on display at her wedding ... when she's 30! ;)