Tuesday, November 12, 2013

See How My Tummy Grows...

I know, I know...three long months of absolutely nothing and here I am.  My days have been filled with teaching K4 to my daughter, then heading off to teach in the high school, home to throw in laundry, fix dinner, clean, prepare lessons for the next day, and then off to teach "Teaching Methods" to ladies looking to earn a degree in Christian education.  It's felt like all I've done is eat, sleep, and work...all the while watching my waistline expand.

Remember this picture from June?
So this is what #3 looks like now...
It's taken 25 weeks just to start showing, courtesy of being tall I guess.

We're less than fifteen weeks out from little Jackson's arrival and I can't wait! Seriously...I'm ready to be done being pregnant.

You can check out more photos my husband took today at our family website, Just the Three of Us: The Smiths.

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