Friday, January 27, 2012

Takin' a Break from Reality...

Mommy took a break yesterday. The newly downloaded book on my Kindle app beckoned to me...silently urging me to leave the breakfast dishes piled on the counter....

Nah, who needs clean dishes anyway? That's what paper plates are for, right? dismiss the ever-growing pile of laundry as if it never existed...

It'll still be there tomorrow...just a bit bigger!

...and to forget about the daily list of other chores needing to be completed.

Come read me! My book continued it's silent plea.

I wasn't prepared for a fight. It was time to take a short break, sit down for a moment, and lose myself in a different time...a different century--make that almost two (centuries, that is)...A time of doing laundry by hand, no dishwashers, and a maid to do all the cleaning. That's right--a MAID (Wouldn't that be nice)!

My short break was actually anything but "short." My children played around me as I was lost in my reverie...dramatically carrying on the conversation of the characters in my head. When the dialogue abruptly ended I found myself knowing exactly how the girl felt...dumbfounded.

WHAT?!?! She did NOT just say that!

There was no rhyme or reason to the book. It was about...well, about nothing. Not really "nothing"--just a snippet of time in the life of a group of fictional characters--so "technically" it was about "something." But it was about the break from reality....a break from NEVER sitting down, ALWAYS moving from one room to the next, CONSTANTLY attending to one child or another...that Mommy really needed.

But alas the story ended. I assumed the character lived "happily ever after" but when I glanced around at the normal chaos that is everyday life I somehow doubted it was as "fairy-tale" as the author intended me to believe.

Welcome back, Mommy! Where've you been?

Well, I'm back...back to runny noses, empty sippy cups, potty training, wet kisses and an endless supply of hugs. Back to a clean dishwasher needing to be emptied, a washing machine needing to be started, and chores that are never really ever completed.

Yes, it's good to be back. Back here, where I belong.

Hello, Reality!


  1. Yes, yes, and yes. I can relate.

  2. Thankful that it's a happy HELLO REALITY for you!

  3. Yes, my life is WAY better than any book!