Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let's Get Rewarded...

Ever heard of Mycokerewards.com? It's actually a website where you can go and enter codes from any Coca-Cola products to earn points towards numerous items in their reward catalogue. There are also sweepstakes, instant wins, and even magazine subscriptions that you can redeem points for.

I'm writing this post to let you know about a deal that Mycokerewards.com was having at the beginning of December. One of the coupons in their reward catalogue is for a FREE 12-pack of any Coca-Cola product which is currently going for 250 points. A few months ago they reduced these coupons to just 30 points...and you could order up to two as long as you had 60 points to spare.  Then a week later they ran the same deal again...and again you could order two.

Thankfully I had plenty of points to spare and yesterday I found in my mail that my four FREE coupons had arrived!! Perfect timing for my Open House to kick-off my new consulting job!  I'll be sure to post when these deals run again.  It wouldn't hurt to get online, open an account, and start adding codes from any Coke products you drink!

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