Monday, February 6, 2012

*New* Paper Coterie $30 Code...

Since August I've been saving all of Michael's school papers. Sad...but I'm sentimental that way.

My Baby's growing up so fast!

Wait 'til Melody starts this August...then I'll really start feeling sentimental!

I've been wanting to use the $30 credit code that I had posted about earlier to buy a Memory Keeper for all those papers. My problem was I didn't know if it was still active or not. So I did some searching online and found a new code MADELINEBEA that you can use. I ordered my memory box this morning...and even though I paid $20 (Memory Keepers are $38 + $13.40 shipping FedEx) I still saved more than I spent.

There are plenty of other products like calendarscards, and  journals that are under $30. Shipping starts around $13.

Happy shopping...and if you find anything good, come back and leave a note!

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