Monday, February 6, 2012

Learning to Read...

I've often asked myself if it's worth the time doing preschool with Michael...usually this is after a frustrating 45 minutes of saying over and over again: "Sit still."; "Be quiet--this is school time."; "Raise your hand."; "Follow Mommy's directions."  These kind of days are growing few and far between now as he is beginning to really show interest in the things we are learning (It's only taken him six months!).

Everyday I'm reminded why I take the time to teach him at three-years of age.  It's because of these...

...big books, small books, skinny books, fat books, books on animals, books on people...books, books, books.  My kids LOVE books.

"Mommy, I want you to read me a story..."

How many times a day do I hear that statement. I'm glad for it. What will be even more exciting is when he can read them to me.

Abraham Lincoln once said:  "A capacity and taste for reading gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others."  Remember my Takin' a Break from Reality post? Books, I believe, are the gateway to learning...or those little breaks from reality that we so desperately need.

Since we are over half-way through with learning to read and write each letter of the alphabet, I've added a few new worksheets to our school day.  At under the category "Preschool-Reading-Phonics" there are two different kinds of worksheets I print off each week. The first one we complete on Wednesday deals with circling the object that starts with the letter we began studying the day before.  Thursday's worksheet uses matching to connect the two words that start with the same sound. Thus begins our work with Phonics.

There are many more worksheets that you can use under the "Preschool-Reading-Phonics" category.  These ideas should help you start your preschooler in the reading direction...

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