Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Last Day in the Hospital...

We finally came home from the hospital today...I don't think I could take another night on the roll-away bed in the hospital. I dreamed about my comfy pillow-top mattress at home.

Both of my children are sick: one with congestion which exacerbates his asthma and the other with bronchitis. The counter has a collection of medicines for both of them...and here I thought a simple flu shot, regular daily asthma treatments, and vitamins with immunity support would help keep them well during the cold and flu season. Wrong!

I snapped this photo as Michael and I sat eating breakfast in his hospital room. He was definitely feeling better...I will too after a good night's sleep in my own bed.  We still have a few days of much needed rest and recovery but the good thing is we are finally home!


  1. Whew! Sorry he had to be in the hospital, but glad he's home and on the mend. It's always interesting to see a kid get better....they're listless, then they perk up and want to eat.
    Out of six kids we never had to spend a night in the hospital....maybe the emergency room, but never in a real room!

  2. I'm so thankful that the nurse was thoughtful enough to have a roll away bed put in the room. Those hospital chairs are terrible for sleeping. This was our second hospital stay--two years apart. I pray there are no more...they're not fun!