Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Thirty-One Special...

The last few days have been crazy with sickness and a hospital stay. But there were a few bright spots mingled in amongst the craziness.  One of which was that my Thirty-One orders came in. I had so much fun looking at everything that was ordered. At the Open House on February 25th I had several ladies ask me about the size of the Mini Utility Bin on sale this month for $8 (regularly $22) for every $31 you spend.  By the flier you see the many uses but not just how large it is. No need to fear...I ordered one to show.

Not really a great picture to tell you just how big it is so let me use Michael as a guideline:

My son is three but looks like a five-year old. The Mini Utility Bin actually held two different sizes of Leggos...all of them.  For a better comparison I had him stand up:

This "little" bin is actually a good size! If you are interested in placing an order for one of these Mini Utility Bins then head on over to my Thirty-One site for more information.

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