Monday, March 26, 2012

Magazine Subscriptions...

If you've never heard of My Coke Rewards then you definitely should check out my post HERE...especially if your family drinks any kind of Coke products. It's FREE to set up an account and begin adding codes from the products you buy.  Then you can easily turn around and earn FREE items from their rewards catalog.

On a side note, I once went around picking up coke bottle lids at a Rice University football game. I tried to get my husband to help me out but he thought I had lost my mind. Well, I showed him--I earned 50 points from all the caps I collected and then turned around and used it toward a FREE product.

Speaking of FREE products...if you like to read magazines there is a whole list of 1-year magazine subscriptions you can redeem your points for. Here are a few:
  • Good Housekeeping (with tote bag)--133 points
  • Better Homes and Gardens--133 points
  • Fitness Magazine--133 points
  • Everyday Food Magazine--167 points
  • Family Circle--133 points
  • Whole Living--167 points
  • Coastal Living--167 points
  • Woman's Day--167 points
  • Health Magazine--200 points
  • Golf Digest--250 points
  • Smart Money--183 points
I saved the best magazine for last. 

If you've done any reading on coupon blogs you may have noticed that they mention a magazine called "All You". Walmart is the only store that sells these magazines; and, of course, you can usually purchase a subscription online for around $19 for a year. Sometimes specials run around $12 for a year.

This magazine is loaded with coupons: sometimes for FREE products and sometimes for higher value than the newspaper inserts.  On My Coke Rewards this magazine's 1-year subscription is only 333 points!

Saving your coke codes is a great way to get rewarded from products you already buy!

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