Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A New Norm...

So this is what our "normal" has been these last few weeks...
Breathing treatments every four hours--even through the night!  We've had one doctor's appointment (bronchitis); two emergency room visits (different hospitals); and one, two-day hospital stay. Then there's the coughing, the sneezing, the runny noses, the medicines...not just for Michael but for Melody as well.

I long for sleep...CRAVE sleep! All I can think of throughout the day is "Is it nap time?" or "Is it bedtime?"

For now our "norm" is a different "norm". Oh, how I miss the old norm (*sniff*).


  1. Ah, Kari, I'm so sorry! That has got to be rough. I had asthma as a child (had pneumonia probably 7-8 times) and I did outgrow it...if that's any consolation for the future. Praying for you. Especially for a good nap today.

  2. We were really growing concerned when he wasn't responding to the prednisone--used to open up the small air sacs in his lungs. Usually after the first dose and a round of breathing treatments every four hours for 24 hours he's running back to 90%. We are now on our second round of prednisone when we saw his pulmonary specialist on Wednesday--he has walking pneumonia. No wonder he wasn't responding. So now we're on an antibiotic to hopefully clear this all up. Needless to say it's been a fun two weeks!