Wednesday, March 14, 2012

To Freeze or Not to Freeze (Take 2)...

The wonderful thing about doing a blog is the opportunity to learn all kinds of different tid-bits from friends around the globe. Let me give you an example: freezing milk. Before doing this blog I had no idea that you could freeze you can't freeze cream cheese. I thought any dairy product would ruin by freezing and then thawing. So right now I have one gallon of milk in my fridge and one in my freezer.

So here's another quandary that my friend and I have been discussing--if you can freeze milk can you freeze creamer? I know creamer is really non-dairy but could you successfully freeze and thaw without any change to the creamer itself?

My friend is very brave...she did an experiment with a International Delight holiday creamer she had bought on clearance. After thawing she noticed no change in the taste! The only change she did notice was that the container expanded a little...similar to the way milk expands when frozen.

So my question is--have you ever frozen creamer before?

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