Saturday, April 28, 2012

April's Thirty-One Special Closing Soon...

On Sunday night, April 29th, at 9 pm I will be closing out a Thirty-One order for April's super  customer special that I posted about HERE, for every $31 you spend you get a purse 50% off. You can easily purchase online HERE through Sunday, April 29th, at 9 pm! If you haven't taken advantage of this special you will not want to miss out!!

When you place your order online HERE you will see an option to choose whether to have your items shipped directly to you or to me. I would only choose the option to have it sent to me if you live near me and can pick it up from me personally--I will not ship it to you. I reserve the right to keep any unclaimed items that are shipped to me. :)

Again, this order will close Sunday, April 29th and you can browse through the online catalog HERE to see what you would like for your $31. Then any purse is yours for 50% off!! You can also check out an option for your $31 put together by the company!

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