Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm Ba-ack...

Hello! It's the Crazy Blog Lady here. I'm back to tell you about my awesome weekend. It was so awesome that the details just won't fit into one post...wouldn't want to lose you after just a couple of paragraphs. Plus you can get a look into the place I called home for seventeen years!

Thursday night we headed to Chuckie Cheese to celebrate my nephews seventh birthday.
Awww...I remember when he was born. He used to be "Tia's Baby" (that's me--"tia" is "aunt" in Spanish) until he grew into a big boy...oh well.

Friday morning I stopped in for coffee at my favorite place (can you guess?)...
before heading over to get some pampering...
Excuse my toes. I've always had ugly toes...it's the toenails I wanted you to see. They look so "springy" and they felt sooooo good!!

Then it was back to my parent's house for some relaxing time out on their back porch, curled up with my new book:
Of course I had company...
Bet you didn't know I had another sister...a furry one named, Kotton Lane. And if you know my son then you know he has a little blue and white stuffed doggy that he has lovingly named "Kotton Lane". This is that little doggie's namesake.

Beware:  She thinks she's human.

Then of course there's the eating. I have a new favorite...
If you ever go for breakfast you definitely have to get the sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit.
Out-of-this-world, melt-in-your-mouth, delightfully-buttery...ok, so I made that last one up. These biscuits are just that good.

Ahhh...what a fabulous weekend. I'll post more later specifically about the conference.

Just wanted to leave you with your mouth watering...mine sure is.

Mom, can you mail me one?

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