Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kroger Closeout and Sausage Sale...

I'm getting ready to fly out husband and no children. In getting my husband prepared to be alone without me I've been stocking the house with lots of little treats. He found part of my stash which meant I had to make another run to the store yesterday. So while wandering around Kroger I did notice a few things that I didn't notice Saturday when I went.
This six double roll of Quilted Northern Soft and Strong is on closeout from $4.99 to $2.30! The only coupons that I could find in the database were a Target store coupon and a Walgreens store coupon. This is still a good deal if you need toilet paper. It's like getting it for more than 50% off!!

I also found that Jimmy Dean sausage products are 2/$5!! This includes the 1 lb. rolls of sausage as well as the sausage links and patties. I couldn't find any coupons for these in the database over at but since the rolls run for almost $5 this is a GREAT deal!

Tennessee Pride and Owens sausage rolls are also on sale--2/$5.


  1. I would have LOVED to come across toilet paper at that price! I don't get *real* groceries until next I won't be on that side of town where the Kroger store is.

  2. I know...this is such a great deal! Too bad there's not any coupons out to make it even sweeter!