Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Remembering When...

Remember back a couple of weeks ago when I was sick? Yeah, me too.  It was some strange thing like a virus in the lymph nodes of my lower abdomen. My husband and I thought it was appendicitis, but that would make things so...normal. No, let's go with a the lymph nodes...right in front of the appendix. Who has ever heard of such a thing?

So fast forward two weeks. My lab results from the blood they took came in and the doctor mailed them to me. I have another type of small infection and there was a prescription for that.

So far so good....

Until the last page: the word "DIET" was written next to a small little category called "Cholesterol".

I have high cholesterol.

Me, who is twenty pounds lighter than last August.
Me, who hasn't been this size since before I was married, let alone gone through three pregnancies.
Me, who has no history of high cholesterol in my family.
Me, who has always been normal in that department.

Normal's too easy. If I would have known that losing twenty pounds would have resulted in high cholesterol I would have stayed fat and LOVED it.

Now we're back to the drawing board. Time to lower that cholesterol...

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  1. We take Apple Cider Vinegar tablets to help.....we also can only find them at ONE place. The super H.E.B. in Pearland. I've worked on my cholesterol and it has lowered about 10 points.
    I'm in the *safe* range, but barely.