Thursday, May 3, 2012

Energizer Utility Credit...

Wow! I have never seen anything like this little deal I'm about to tell you about. According to I Heart Kroger you can earned up to $25 OFF your utility bill when you buy specially marked packages of Energizer brand batteries between 4/1/12 and 3/15/13.  Inside these packages you will find codes that you can redeem for credit: 2 codes can be redeemed for $2.50 reward up to 10 codes for a $25 reward.

Go HERE to read all about the requirements for this program. Let me just name two of the seven points:
  • To qualify you must enter codes ALL at one time.
  • Each person's household/email address may redeem up to two (2) Utility Rewards or Donations (to Habitat for Humanity), up to a maximum of $25 each.
There is even a list of what packages are specially marked and where you can find them included HERE in the terms of the Energizer Utilities Cash. Stores that carry these batteries with the codes are as follows: Lowe's Home Depot, Walgreens, Target, and Kroger.

Of course there are always coupons to make this deal even sweeter: 
Let me just mention that hurricane season is right around the corner...or is it already here? Anyways, always best to be prepared with plenty of batteries!!

(Thank you, I Heart Kroger!)

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