Monday, June 25, 2012

Taking a Second Look...

Remember my friend (I actually do have a few) who uses her Large Utility Tote to carry Sunday School material to church?  She just bought the new Top-A-Tote and sent me a picture...
This is the Circle Spirals print available for $10 (down from 35!!) when you spend $35. The Top-A-Tote is $10 and can be used toward your $35 minimum. Check out all the fabulous prints of the Large Utility Tote on p. 35 of the online catalog and if you need any help deciding on what to buy to get this special then check out my other post HERE.

If we ever needed to evacuate this would be a perfect suitcase, storage bin for personal "I Don't Want to Lose" stuff (like wedding/baby scrapbooks, pictures, etc.), or food carry-all. There are just way too many uses for this tote.

TO PLACE AN ORDER: If you would like to take advantage of this FANTASTIC special simply click HERE to be re-driected to my site. You can even choose to have your items sent directly to you. I will close out any order on June 29th at 9 pm. You can also leave a comment and I will process your order for you. Thanks!!

(Thanks, Katherine!!)

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